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  • All the existing mistakes we try to correct as soon as possible

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Welcome Our New Blogs and Channels

Wow, friends ))) I am glad you are still here and would like to apologize our absence. But we have a reasonable excuse: together with launching our new ChicChannel, we have launched 6 new Channels. Hurray, hope now it will be even more interesting for you to stay with yaBloggy!!!

The first one is our TechChannel, that will tell you all things modern technologies and useful gadgets. Here you will find 4 new blogs:

  • Computer accessories (that is going to tell you about numerous computer accessories, devices, and parts)
  • Wireless networks (all things wireless networks and their installation)
  • Ipod (all you need for your Ipod now can be found in one blog)
  • Cell Phones (that presents info as to hottest phone models, software and etc.)

Phoneborn blog

The second one is a LifestyleChannel, that will be your new friend in everything considering happy life:

  • Gifts (where to buy, what to choose … special and expensive … everything about gifts)
  • City Breaks (that will always help you to have a quick and either budget-friendly or luxurious city break)
  • Parenting (that dishes up useful recommendations and tips considering parents and kids relations)
  • Cooking (find out how to become great cooks and make really tasty dishes in no time)
  • Sea Food (yummy and hot recipes from the best cooks)

Gift blog

The 3d one is – our EntertainmentChannel and its awesome facts and ideas from around the world:

  • Comic Books (funny, relaxing, kind and very wisdom words from pages of comic books)

The 4th one is about Home. And if you think that there is no place like home, this Channel is right for you.

  • Gardening (find out everything about one of the most interesting activities in the world)
  • Furniture (classic, modern, eco-friendly, awesome and funky … all kinds of furniture you can find here)
  • Hotels (hotel reviews, opinions and photos, be sure, you will find out whether you’ve chosen the right hotel)

Decor blog

The 5th Channel is – our GamesChannel, that all gamers will find extremely useful.

  • Nintendo (everything about Nintendo and its games)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 (information about various Xboxes and their games)
  • Mini PC Games (all things about this kind of games)
  • Old Games (that will remind you about your childhood and how everything has started)
  • Flash Games (their types, reviews, news and info)
  • Dota Allstars (exceptionally hot secrets and moments of Dota game from professionals)

Games blog

And the 6th Channel – is our AutoChannel and it presents info about all kinds of autos:


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